Business Studio is an all-in-one business growth automation platform which helps businesses to automate various business processes i.e. sales, marketing, bookings, hiring, training etc. We replaces many other expensive platforms to one and makes it very affordable to start your growth journey.

World's 1st Business Automation Studio

We're the first Business Automation Studio in the world, which functions for businesses with process, compliances, sales and marketing automations. Means all-in-one. We use tools according to the requirement, instead of limiting to just one tool or platform.

We’ve Got You Covered

Business Automation Strategy

Everything must work as planned, in a business. So right planning is the first and most important step for a successful business.

Marketing & Sales Automation

With technology, the marketing and sales can be automated to an extend. The Business Studio has everything integrated for it.


Gone are the days of maintaining everything in a excel sheet. We have advanced system for customer nurturing and retention.

Automated Booking System

You can automate the booking system using the Business Studio. There are many options to remind and nurture the attendees before booking or meeting.

Memberships & Training Automation

Create membership plans and earn from it. Also automate the training process of your employees towards high efficiency and productivity.

OKR Based Dream Profit Plan

We help you create a crystal clear plan on your long-term and short-term goals. We also will assist you in connecting it with sales goals.

Website, Funnels & Landing Pages

No more spending on web-hosting or landing pages. We've landing pages, websites and funnels with rich conversion features.

Business Legal Compliances

From the process of business registration, legal and financial compliances in India, we have got you covered. Now you can focus on just business.

Why Business Automation?

Every entrepreneur takes the risk of entering into a business to achieve freedom in their life. They want to build a profit making enterprise which will help them to achieve financial freedom and time freedom. Towards the freedom, it is only possible when the processes are as much as automated and less depending on human resources. That is where the Business Automation comes into the picture, and a Business Studio is the place the automation is implemented.


We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

The Business Studio has every communication channel integrated inside. You just need to start using it. The outside integration support is also available if you are already using any other software.


Stop using expensive platforms

High Conversion Funnels

Landing Pages

Websites & Hosting

Email Marketing

SMS Marketing

WhatsApp API

Learning Management System

Automation Workflows

CRM Software

Payment Gateway Integration

Ads Reporting

Online Reputation Management

Integrated Analytics


Ready To Make a Real Change? Let’s Build Your Business Together!

About Us

Business Studio is conceptualised in 2018 and the research and development towards this has been undergoing since then. The vision of Business Studio is to help businesses automate the processes so that they can focus more on accomplishing their goals and vision. Read more...

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